LEADING the way


We would just like to say hello and a THANKYOU for all those that have entrusted us with their orders and most interesting projects, during the years since 1974 through to today.


The group covers a full range of facilities where it can be linked as a '1-to-1' Maker/Packer combination or divorced seperately to its own individual functions. The group could comprise, subject to your choice, Automatic Tray Filling, Automatic Tray Unloading into the XL515 HLP, into the XL400 Stamper, XL536 Unit Wrapper, Carton Boxer for cartoning if needed, or directly into our XL558 Parcellor, where there can be many features of operations available to overwrap the finished product.

It is hoped by the coverage of this journal, it will cover as many countries of the world to that which we have served.


We take this opportunity to invite you to discuss short and long term projects for the supply of any specialised Making and Packing projects which could be done via the supply of a Molins MK9-5 in either new, or, rebuilt as new condition inconjunction with the packaging via our new XL515 'Advantage' model, Hard Box, Hinge Lid Packer.