Legg Cutters Installed In Papua New Guinea

The two Legg 16" Balanced Crank Cutting machines were totally refurbished in our factory and re-engineered to the latest Europeon and Australian safety standards. Following a twelve thousand mile ocean voyage, our machines reached the shores of Papua New Guinea. The two machines were closely followed by our site engineers, who were sent for two weeks to install and intergrate the Cutters into an existing plant, then comission them to our customers satisfaction.


The overhaul and updating of 4x MK1 Cutters 


HTMS was recently contacted by a company, owned by one of the major internationals, who had reviewed our website and found that HTMS were capable of overhauling existing machinery to an 'as new' condition.

After a couple of meetings and a trip to the customers location, we found there were several MK1 Cutters in requirement of overhaul and for the first order, 4 machines were placed under rebuild.

As several items within the original machine had worn away to such a degree, we utilised new technology to replace the existing parts. 

Key updates to the machines included a new pneumatic weight box

Conversion from Epicycle Gearbox to Compound Gearbox. 

Extra coarse cut - ranging from 8 cpi, to 180 cpi

Using a range of gears, to reduce the cutting width to 8 cpi for specialised products.  

This giving a new range and extending the flexibility for this section of duty, from 8cuts to 22cpi, prior to any simple change to adopt a normal theoretical potential of 220cuts per inch