'New' Machines Available From Stock

HTMS have a selection of 'New' machines avaliable from stock. 

Any enquiries Please either e-mail sales@htms.demon.co.uk or Telephone + 44 (0) 1794 367733

New Cigar/Cigarette Reclaimer

For further details please either e-mail sales@htms.demon.co.uk or Telephone + 44 (0) 1794 367733

We are currently holding in stock a new cigar/cigarette reclaimer. The machine has been developed to be used as a cheap cost effective reclaiming solution for dealing with smaller quantities of waste, up to 50kgs per hour @ 95% efficiency when reclaiming a 85mm 7.9 King size cigarette. It is currently configured for a standard european voltage of 400VAC 3 phase and neutral @ 50HZ with a power rating of just 1.2KW and is supplied with full electrical, mechanical and operating documentation. Demonstration / viewing of this machine is available at our factory on request.

To see the Reclaimer in action please click the link. The video shows the machine working reclaiming cigarette waste from herbal cigarettes, Not Tobacco http://www.htms.org.uk/reclaimer.wmv