This machine is at its best when considered as a total package, which starts with tray unloader which unloads a tray of cigarettes to hopper and it is completed at the end of the line by an over wrapped carton or printed film parcel of a cigarette packet collation.

We can accomodate any change size you require to a conventional HLP packet. The packet range covers from 5's to 30's cigarettes, in various collations. The most common packet sizes used are 10's, 20's and 25's. There are short cut oppertunities to reduce by one or two cigarettes at any given packet count, i.e 20's to 19's or 25's to 24's content per packet.

The application would be using our 'XL' Packer and using such design features to support the end product. Note the base machine is designed for a capacity of 225 packets per minute, on a regular 3 row king size cigarette packet. We have implemented fifty new features which support the speed and efficiency of the machine combination. A detailed list is avaliable on application.

We can supply a low budget machine as an option to the regular fully specified high speed 225 packet per minute machine. This machine would be built from a Molins donor machine and retro-fitted with high speed upgrade parts.


This is a NEW designed machine, which is based upon the original Molins HLP 2 machine combination. Our work with major international cigarette manufacturers through the years since 1974 has allowed us to develop an efficient mid range Hinge Lid Packing machine.

The support equipment to achieve maximum efficiency, refer to our Automatic Tray Unloader, XL400 Tax stamper, XL536 Wrapper, Carton Boxer, XL558 Overwrapper or the XL558 Parcellor with optional print registration facilities.


Hard box Packaging