HTMS has designed a linear motion wrapping machine, to provide quality and efficiency at medium speed ranges for use with different types of upstream equipment. The machine has the capability of wrapping hard or soft packets, of many different sizes and layout designs. The machine is controlled by a state of the art PLC management system complete with HMI (Human Machine Interface) which collects data and reports fault analysis per shift, also allowing ease of adjustment to all machine parameters which include speed and control timings.

The machine is fitted with twin bobbin holders which accommodate sizes up to the large bobbin of 330mm diameter using various types of film grades. Tear tape is applied to the film via a tear tape applicator which will accommodate up to a 240mm bobbin. Film is delivered past anti static control, through the cutting head with film length change achieved by change gears or optional servo drive which can also facilitate printed film.

A synchroflex delivery band with moulded flights delivers packets to a six stage turret, which incorporates tuckers and heaters through to end folding sealing prior to exiting the machine.


Model standard variables:-


. Standard packet size range 5's to 30's


. Cigarette length up to 120mm


. Speed up to 250 packets per minute (With a planned projection to achieve 300 p.p.m.)


XL 536 Wrapper