XL 400 Stamper

The 'XL' Stamper can work as a stand alone unit or can be fully intergrated to new or existing machinery groups, where stamps are needed to be applied to the packet prior to the unit wrapping. Stamps can be placed across the back seam and across the miter joint, to seal a wide range of packet sizes.

Stamps are removed from a fully adjustable magazine which will accomodate a wide range of stamp sizes, onto a two stage vacuum drum where glue is precisely applied using electronically controlled glue guns. Size, number and position of dots or lines are easily adjusted. Packets are delivered by a flighted synchro flex belt timed to meet the drum and stamp, before being elevated through a drying tower prior to exiting the machine. Packets are inspected for stamp presence and ejected if the stamp is not fitted.

The machine is controlled by a state of the art PLC management system complete with HMI (Human Machine Interface) which collecsts data and reports fault analysis per shift, also allowing ease of adjustment of all machine parameters which include speed and control timings.



Model standard variables:-


. Standard packet size range 5's to 30's.


. Cigarette length up to 120mm.


. Speed up to 250 packets per minute. ( With planned projection to achieve 300 p.p.m.)