Soft Cup Packing 

Covering 3000 5000 6000 series soft packing

The most economical packaging machine todate from the 3000 to the 6000 series machine, covering speeds from 3000 cigarettes per minute (150 packets per minute) up to 6000 cigarettes per minute (300 packets per minute).

The range for cigarette packaging can be engineered to give the same flexibilities as the hard box packer, covering cigarette's size from 6.5mm to 8.0mm diameter and cigarette length from 70mm up to 120mm. The extreme sizes within the range are subject to specialist engineering.

The basic setup for the range is with the use of laminated aluminium foil and tissue, with cut label and cut stamp.

Options for reel feed systems, covering both label and closure stamps are avaliable.

We offer the 5000 series packer with built in modifications of the 6000 series machine to maintain a speed of 250 packets per minute. With the use of the triple plunger operation in conjuction with the modified hopper, thus enabling the machine to deliver three collated bundles in one plunge into the arbour turret.

Due to the increasing demand, we are covering more stock items of spares to suit the range of the AMF/Sasib series of soft packers.

To identify spare parts which vary from the traditionally known spares, is the greatest problem. The serial number of machinery, complete with part number and sub assembly item number would advise full information for HTMS to respond quickly.