This multi variable machine in basic form, covers three style of wrapping, together with a varied selection of wrapping materials.

Starting with clear film overwrapping of coated polyprolene film, up to and including the latest bio-degradable, heat sealing films, a product of innovia films. Such application can be pre-printed with dedicated art work for specialility advertising.  

A second option is pre-gummed heat activated, pre-printed kraft wrapping in varying coloured paper and print. 

A third option is pre-printed paper, using hot melt application or PVA spray/dot glue appplication and nozzle pasters/dabbers.

The 'XL' Parcellor using the latest technology in advanced servo drive system to place pre-printed film or paper in the best desplay position for the product, advising consumer information.

The machine is flexiable and designed to accept additional sizes of quick fit change parts, this assisted by the correct selection of the base machine type.

The machines are equipped with robust manifold indexing gearboxes which offer low maintenance and high reliablity, in order to deliver product packaging speeds of up to 50 units per minute.

Our parcellor is built for easy setting and operation, and by the use of the HMI operator control system for efficient changes to film length, print position, electronic cams/counters, timers and sensors.

Selection detail for type of machine required:-


Model:40RTW60 Series 1-1 Revolving Turret Wrapper 

Size Range height 15-50mm  Depth 50-120mm  Width 185-295mm


Model:40RTCW60 Series 1-2 Revolving Turret Cube Wrapper 

Size Range height 20-120mm  Depth 50-120mm  Width up to 400mm

Model:40RTB60 Series 1-3 Rotating Turret Boxer

Size Range height 25-120mm  Depth 50-120mm  Width up to 400mm


XL 558  Parcellor Overwrapper 

Series 1-1, 1-2, 1-3