Molins PA8-5 Filter Tip Assembler

For use with a MK8 or MK9 type rod maker

Cigarettes ranging from a king size cigarette length up to 100mm long construction. Designed for easy and economical conversion, to and from skip gap gumming.

The base machinery was originally designed to support the early MK9. The group has features to produce a quality cigarette when used at 3000+ cigarettes per minute.

The machines features when supplied are:


. 4 Filter trays, complete with rack feed for trays


. Tipping glue rollers prepared for pre-perforated tipping and adaptable for easy conversion to skip gap gumming


. Inspection system for loose ends and missing filters


. Cigarette rejection on start up and quality check


. Variable speed output control +/- 15% linked to a PLC


. Control from the parent machine