Molins MK9 Series High Speed Makers with a cigarette production capacity of 4000-5500 cigarettes per minute

As an option to the above mentioned supply, HTMS can offer a re-engineered, fully overhalled warrantee MK9-Hauni MAX S group, as a direct feed, one to one, feeding cigarettes into the 'XL' 250 model HLP group which can deliver either a finished product of 200 cigarettes carton boxed or naked wrapped in film with any print registration panel which might be required as an advertisement or company logo.

The new MK9 Classic Combination has long been recognised as the industry standard for quality producing at up to 5500 cigarettes per minute. This is a very cost effective machine to meet the demands of the industry.

As a rebuilt, re-engineered machine, there are many advantages that can be taken with this older type machine to establish speeds in advance of its traditional use, via the use of modified downstream equipment. which cover a filter tip attachment (FTA) linking into either the traditional PA8-5 or for higher speeds, linking into the Max S. exceeding to higher speeds in the 6000 plus cigs per minute, can be linked to a modified Max S - A Max 70 with a Spider type cigarette rod transfer of up to 8.0mm diameter.

The machine in general use, coupled in a traditional manner, with either the PA8-5 or Max S, is most comfortable with the Super Slims - 5.4mm diameter cigarettes at 70/30mm construction (100mm), where blend profile has to be adjusted to suit accurate weight control to maintain high speed production.