MK8-D-Optional 'SM' Model 

Linked to either a PA8-5 or a Hauni MAX 3/5/15 Series FTA'S


Rebuilt machine to an 'as new' condition, under warranty. This machine group, fitted with a double knife cut-off, has the capacity to prduce a king size cigarette at speeds up to 3000 cigarettes per minute. This machine group being the latest machine of its type prior to the MK9 series. Certain features involved where built into the MK9.

The machine comes with the following features:-


. Dynamically balanced knife head assembly


. Pnuematic knife advance


. 'B' Type carbide trough rails at the suction chamber


. 2.5mm Dense end ecreteur drive assembly


. Rod break out


. Standard Hydraulic weight control unit


. Nozzle gumming for lap seam


. Inbuilt with variable speed drive to give +/- 15% of mechanical drive setting


. Double colour printer using a single print position (no dies supplied)


. New garniture assembly


. New cut off safety guarding with safety interlocking


. Full panel guarding


. Manually fed tobacco hopper ( Other options avaliable)


Independant utility dust collector which will support the group


. Provision to link to a Hauni MAX 3/5/15 model types or a Molins PA8-5