Hauni Max Filter Tip Assemblers

Type 3/5/15 Series for use with MK8 or Garant 4


Cigarette range: From 80mm, assembled cigarette length using a 60mm tobacco rod length, up to a cigarette size of 10mm, using a tobacco rod length of 70mm, in a 7.9mm diameter.

Hauni MAX Tipper series

The hauni MAX tipper fitted in the inner angle, producing a 7.9mm diameter king size cigarette. Benefits of the later type 15 model insures a speed of 3000 cigarettes, by the use of an improved cigarette accelerator, which is fitted into the maker with suction control for cigarette transfer. The MAX 15 is fitted with a MAX S style infeed drum, to allow more time for positioning of the cigarette, with a vacuum transfer to the cigarette assembly drum, thus allowing for increased speed and better handling of the cigarette rod.




. Filter tray rack, complete with four despensing tray assemblies


. Set gauges for drum adjusting


. Vacuum operated multi roll drum and roll block to give four turns on cigarette assembly


. 1117 MAX cigarette infeed drum (K-drum)


. Six blades, square knife 60mm tipper, cost reduction for knife replacement


. Loose end and missing filter inspection


. Skip gap gumming drive preparation


. VTL250 Beker vacuum pump for main manifold (New), piped and wired





All machine groups run and tested at our works befroe dispatch, any inspection is welcome.