Carton Boxer

The Carton Boxer can accommodate the cartoning of soft packets, or hinge lid packets of any denomination. Such packets can be collated to any rectangular shape required. There can be offered a maximum width through the machine to accommodate a carton length of 370mm, with a height of 50mm, to cover a packet length of up to 100mm. This would accommodate a cigarette formation for american side seam and european top lid opening cartons.

To cover the packaging of the international style carton using a flat 20's double bundle cigarette packet or, similar using 5 high X 2 stacks to give a collation size of 200mm wide X 105mm deep X 110mm high.

The carton boxer is flexiable to give a full range of sizes and packet configurations, with the ability to pack up to 40 cartons per minute, subject to detail.

The machine can be used independently as a free standing hand feed unit via an infeed conveyor, or linked to any up stream/down stream equipment to fulfil a soft or hard box cartoning function.

Machines are managed by a small PLC which can be interfaced to any given system of Siemens/Allen bradley etc.